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These past few days are a prime example of why I don’t believe in setting hard quotas.  Because, despite my lofty expectations for myself, my word count from Friday night until now remains 0.  If I were holding myself to a set quota of words per day, this would be the moment where I buried my head in the sand and said, “That’s it, I’m never going to be a writer again.”

There are a lot of reasons writers take breaks from writing.  Disasters  happen.  The Olympics happen.  Sudden requests from 5 different people on the same day happen.  And when everything is said and done, we also need to to relax, and sometimes writing isn’t the best way to do so.  However, at some point, writers have to come back to their work.  In spite of all the guilt and self criticism we may feel for having stopped, we have to sit down and start writing again.  It’s like Ginger Rogers said in Swing Time, “Pick  yourself up.  Dust yourself off.  Start all over again.”  There’s nothing wrong with a break, but now the break has ended.  Let the writing begin.