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After writing my last post, I came up with a brilliant idea.  I planned to forgo all internet use for a short period of time while I speed-wrote my work in progress all the way up to an important fixed plot point involving the death of one of my characters.  At first, it all sounded so simple.  I remember brushing my teeth that night and thinking, “Yes.  NO more internet.  Death to character X!”  But I realized even before I finished my teeth that I couldn’t stay off the internet completely, because there was an email I absolutely had to check, so obviously I’d have to be online a little.  And by the next morning, I’d relaxed my ideas of “a little” to the point where it included everything I would have normally done anyway.

When all is said and done, I’m very glad that I didn’t say offline entirely for the past few days, and for more than one reason.  Unfortunately, character X is still alive and breathing though.  In fact, I might skip on to after the death for a while, and save the trouble of the actual murder for later.

I’m not worried anymore about my apparent lack of discipline, just thoughtful, as I contemplate the difficulty of finding a balance between connecting to the rest of the world and working on my own personal writing, which at the moment isn’t anywhere near ready for me to post to the world.  The difficultly is to keep the internet from taking over.  Social sites, writing sites, even your own writing sites are easy escape routes when you don’t want to do the thing you sat down to: write. And sometimes, when you’ve hit a block for a while, an escape can be good.  The hard part is bringing yourself back afterwards though, because a writer who escapes from writing forever doesn’t write.