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French language McDonald's door sign

French language McDonald’s door sign (Photo credit: mechanikat)

When I started this blog, the first site name I tried for was mgiroux.wordpress.com, but they said it was already in use, so M. Giroux Stories had to do.  Now that I’ve set up the blog, I think the name I ended up with might have been the better choice anyway though, since this blog is much more about stories than it is about me anyway.  But recently when I was on my dashboard it occurred to me that I still didn’t know what lucky person had already grabbed the M. Giroux without stories domain name, so I decided to look it up.

Unfortunately, that particular blog was not found.  I guess the author deleted it, which is sad.  But in the “Are you sure you didn’t mean something else instead?” category they had a site called ngiroux.wordpress.com, which I clicked on.

In case you haven’t guessed, the name Giroux is French.  I’m not French myself, but one of my great grandfathers was.  My father went to France and learned French as an adult, so I studied French in high school, but after moving on to college I moved on to other languages instead.  However, after seeing N. Giroux’s blog, which happens to actually be in French, I realized once again how much I really miss studying French, and how much easier French is to study than Chinese or Korean.  I haven’t really studied French in years but I could still understand a least half of what I read on there.  That’s not how it is with Chinese.  If you stop studying Chinese for a few months you forget how to read almost everything.

N. Giroux is a blog about books.  Books, books, and more books.  Books in French, critiqued in French.  Not very many science fiction or fantasy books though, unfortunately for me, but still, it was really cool to look at.  I love languages so much.

I once joked with one of my roommates that I treat languages like love interests.  French was my high school crush.  Then I had a more serious relationship with Chinese that involved actually going to China (interrupted only by a very brief fling with Spanish), and now I’m beginning what’s going to be an even more serious relationship with Korean.  But I don’t want to forget French.  French was my first love.  Someday, I’ve got to come back to French.

So how to you feel about foreign languages?  Which language (other than your native tongue) is your favorite?